HiP Wien

What´s HiP? 
HiP means Historically informed Performance Practice and it will carry you back to the past centuries, with music, played on period fortepiano by wonderful Estonian Pianist Aleksandra Kamenskaja and sung by enchanting voice of Austrian singer Johanna Rosa Falkinger. The historical instrument allows the vocals to reveal themselves in a completely different way from what we are used to hear with modern pianos. It’s not only about performing songs – it’s about transmitting vivid emotions, by immersing into the historical matter and context. Onstage – expressing the message and spirit of the early music both auditive and visually.

Which relevance has this cultural heritage in our lives nowadays? Where are the parallels to contemporary music and which elements of early music performance have survived through all the decades of human history?
Hip-Hip-Hooray! – Vienna is waiting for YOU! 

foto : dirkeidner.de